We wanted to serve Prosecco.  But Italian law states that Prosecco must be sold in bottles of 3L or less. We wanted to serve our fizz from a tap, so we offer a sparkling Italian white wine, made in the Veneto region of North Italy from the same grape (Glera) that Prosecco is made from.  If this was in a bottle, it would be called Prosecco but as it comes in kegs, it must be called fizz!  Much like us, our wine is fruity, smooth and a little bit aromatic and with 11% vol, this wine is great as an aperitif or cracking in a cocktail - perfect for Twelve Lemons.


We are proud of our Scottish heritage and are delighted there are so many fine Scottish gins to choose from.  We carry approximately 15 gins, mainly from Scotland but a few from foreign lands have also sneaked into the mix - afterall you have to stock your mums tipple of choice!  Our gin collection will constantly be evolving as we make new discoveries.  Recommendations and personal favourites can of course be catered for so please ask at time of booking.


What else can you do with 12 Lemons?  Make lemonade of course.  When making our journey south to buy the trailer, a much needed services stop was had and moments later, Ali had a basket filled with prosecco, gin and a book on homemade lemonade.   We wanted to offer something for the drivers, the kids or those that just prefer something soft and so we turned our hand to creating the 12 Lemons signature lemonade.  This can be chosen as part of the package for your event.


Strange though it may be, we heard that bubbles arent for everyone!  Luckily we are not a one trick pony and also offer buckets of local craft beer for those whose prefer their drinks to be more hoppy than fruity.  If you have particular favourite thats not on our radar, let us know and we will do the donkey work and source it for you.


We tend to save these for food festivals but we're always happy to dust off our cocktail shakers if thats your thing.  We focus on fizz and gin cocktails but can turn our hand to whatever you fancy.

Other Options

So its pretty obvious that we love fizz and gin! That said, if you like the look of us but want something different we will be delighted to discuss.  We love random thoughts and ideas, we can get creative. Our business started from being inspired by others so if we inspire you but you feel we're missing something - just ask.