About Us

We are passionate about lovely cool drinks on warm sunny days.  And so it was that Twelve Lemons was born during the heatwave of Summer 2018.  Unfortunately, we cant always promise weather like this, but either indoors or out, we can promise Twelve Lemons will brighten up any event with a bit of everyday sunshine in the form of perfectly chilled bubbles, gin mixes or cocktails.

Ali has always had a keen interest in the drinks industry and with knowledge gleaned from both sides of bars across the globe, she wanted to combine her love of bubbles with her passion for meeting people and making them smile.  Thus Twelve Lemons was dreamt up and the creation of a mobile fizz and gin bar for weddings, festivals, parties, events or anytime fun became a reality.

The term bubbly was coined for Ali.  With her effervescent personality and love of all things bubbly, the creation of a fizz and gin bar perfectly marries her passion and knowledge of the drinks industry with her love of meeting people and bringing fun in to their lives.  The creation of Twelve Lemons enables her to bring smiles to weddings, festivals, parties or any event.

Based in Glasgow, we are lucky to have Scotlands central belt on our doorstep but the trailer can be taken to a variety of events in any part of the country.  Travel excites us and we are happy to journey to any location for your special event specifically weddings, festivals (food & drink), corporate events, wrap parties and so on.  If it were up to us we would travel for free but unfortunately we need to charge for distances over 50 miles.